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Bamya is dedicated to offering valuable resources and information through events and seminars to let mothers improve and advance parenting skills. How to Raise Children is also an informative seminar which will help young parents to learn the best ways to raise their children. This seminar is helpful for both children and adults.
Come and be a part of this super-amazing event where mums can connect and share their experiences. You will gain insight mothering strategies that you can use while raising your children. You will get an opportunity to meet the previous winners and finalists of Mother of the Year Awards and get an opportunity to share your thoughts and learn from them.
We have a team of experts and social workers who have years of knowledge in raising young girls with love joy and freedom. The objective of this workshop is to protect our daughters from depression and other medical issues. You can be a part of this workshop and help us in creating an enriching environment for young girls in Australia.
Yes, you are a mum, and you take care of everything – from cleaning house to kid’s activities without compromising your professional life. She is the one who manages everything alone, and that’s why bring you this seminar where you can clear your doubts, ask your queries to the winners and learn how to balance life in a positive way that makes you happy.
Being a working mum can be tough, It takes a lot of patience, planning and support to manage both the house and workplace. This seminar will help you bring the right balance between your personal and professional life and also help you become a super mum. With interactive exercise and hands-on tips, this seminar is a plus for many working or single parents.
Permanent carers are required for children aged between 5 to 12 years who the court has ruled will never be able to go to their biological parents because they are not safe. So, we organise seminars to educate people and encourage them to become a foster mother or father. Also, we enlighten them about the agony of such children and how to deal with them.