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Our Mother of the Year Awards is dedicated to celebrating the immense love and sacrifice of our Australian mums. We salute their spirit and courage to put the welfare of their families at the forefront.


Past Winners

We have been hosting the event for years and have an extensive list of past winners. You can read about their motivational stories and learn from their experiences to feel inspired.


Our Sponsors

Our moving and inspirational cause has been getting unwavering support from several not-for-profit organisations operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and other cities in Australia.


Our Judging Panel

We have a well-respected panel of judges comprising representatives of our sponsors, local partners, activists, and social media influencers who pick the winners after careful deliberation.

The Most Promising Event of the Year

Bamya has been working to recognise families with inspiring stories about their mums' strength and enthusiasm. Every year we host a grand celebration to commemorate women from all walks of life who have contributed significantly to the development of their children. It fills us with immense pride to bring a smile to the faces of families that have struggled in the past. We aim to make the world a better place for children with more understanding and loving families caring for each other. We know the troubles faced by single mums, foster parents and those offering care to their relatives' children. Thus, we invite nominations from all types of families. Whether they are conventional households or modern families, we welcome each mum with open arms. Our event is popular across the country, and we have been overwhelmed by the response of families over the years. The key features of our event include the following:

  • Professionally organised event
  • An Esteemed panel of judges
  • Well-researched judgement
  • Online nomination for deserving candidates
  • Making families come together
  • Distributing special gifts and prizes

Rewarding the Mothers of Australia

Bamya is an organisation that appreciates the efforts and labour of mums who have been giving their 100% despite unfavourable conditions. If you think you fit the bill or someone you know is perfect for this award, send their nomination to us.

Past Winners









Mother of the Year Award 2023

Mothers are our best friends, guides, teachers and supporters. Every role they perform makes them a star. They are the rocks of our lives and keep the family strong and safe through every situation that life throws at us. If you wish to nominate your mum or a relative who is an exceptional parent, you must send your nomination today.









Nominations can be sent by an Australian resident belonging to any age group or gender. You can nominate your birth mum, foster mum or someone special who took over the role of your mum to care for you. We will shortlist the candidates who showcase exemplary conviction and determination as a mother.

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A Glimpse of Previous Events

We know the relevance of special moments like your mum receiving an award and thus record them with love and care. So, here is a glimpse of our Mother of the Year Awards.

Become a Sponsor

Whether you are a business owner, a corporate employee, a not-for-profit organisation or a person with a big heart, you can become a sponsor at Bamya. We welcome people who wish to contribute to the great cause of honouring our mums. It is a rare opportunity to offer your token of appreciation towards the event and become a part of this Australia-wide program. You can choose from a wide range of sponsorships available at Bamya. These cover everything from targeted promotional activities to event sponsorships. Partnering with us extends several benefits to sponsors, such as visibility to their business, association with like-minded people and partnerships for life. Bamya is also involved in organising other events and seminars related to parenting to help mothers who are struggling or need support. Becoming a sponsor also extends the opportunity to help mums throughout Australia to live a content life surrounded by healthy and happy children. It will also strengthen your own bond with your family and your mother. So, if you love your mum and appreciate the effort of other women in your life, come forward to make a contribution to our noble cause. We promise that you will gain much more than you will give to Bamya.

Nominate a Great Mother

A mother is the foundation of the tree called family. They are the heart and soul of a home and make it a warm and cosy space with their love and care. We are always indebted to them and wish to tell them that they are amazing at what they do. So, join us in celebrating motherhood and nominate a great mother.