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We, at Bamya, organise thrilling and intriguing Mother of the Year Awards to celebrate the love, dedication and sacrifice of Australian mums.

Past Winners

Take inspiration from our past winners. Read their stories and try to learn from their experiences, past events, time-management skills and a lot more.

Our Sponsors

Many organisations in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and other regions of Australia are generously supporting Parenting – Mother of the Year 2019 as partners and Sponsors.

Our Judging Panel

Our judging panel consists of sponsor representatives, ambassadors and celebrities who have the responsibility of choosing Australia’s best mother of the year.

We are the best
event planner

With passion, dedication and endurance, we recognise and reward inspirational mums every year in our community through our Mother of the Year Awards. From indoor activities to delicious food, dance floors to encouraging speeches, we organise everything to make your evening memorable. We, at Bamya, aim at hosting a grand event party for all the participants and their families so that they can spend quality time in a relaxed environment. Some of the key highlights of our events are:

  • Professional event planners
  • Fair Judgment
  • Well-organised events
  • Online nomination facility
  • Creating mesmerising moments
  • Exciting Prizes

What We Do

Our mission is to honour and serve mothers who are shaping the future of Australia. We acknowledge their enormous contribution to society and reward them every year. Our Mother of the Year Award honours great mums from every state and territory of Australia. The best part is that young mothers can also be a part of our events and learn the essence of motherhood from the past winners. Our award aims at recognising mothers of Australia who are playing the important role in our society. This is a great opportunity for young mums to know the responsibilities for excellent parenting within the community. The nominations for the Mother of the Year Awards take place over a four-month period so that you can enrol the name of your mother and let her with the award. It is your chance to make everyone believe that your mother is the number 1 mum in Australia. So, what are you waiting for! Fill the nomination form online on behalf of your mother or the one and make the evening special for her.


Through our recognition of the Mother of the Year award, we encourage people to understand the incredible role of mums who brought their children up without any condition. Their love is unconditional, and we appreciate how they bring a balance between their personal and professional life. Let’s give her a chance to cherish her motherhood by winning the mother of the year award.


We organise seminars and events in every six months to bring mothers across the nation to learn from and inspire one another. Our volunteers help us in creating a platform where women can have a meaningful conversation/discussion on parenting. Our past winners help young and working mothers in achieving the right balance between profession and parenthood.

Acknowledge their Potential

The mums of Australia are capable of raising their children while maintaining their homes and office work without any compromise. They are inspirational, and we acknowledge their potential. The way she loves and pampers their kids is commendable, and that’s why we influence the society of our nation to support their mothers in every phase of their life.

Past Winners

She is an entrepreneur and the mum of two girls. Her second daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer when it was 15. Kate did everything to save her daughter. She managed both fronts and took extreme care of her daughter, and now she is fine.


Scarlett is a 69-year-old strong woman who has devoted her entire life to caring for those children who are suffering from autism. As a young widow, she raised four children alone with unconditional love. She is a role model for all those women whose children are suffering from any disease.


Maree is a single parent of three children. She has perfectly managed the balance between her professional and personal life. Being a full-time assistant producer in a renowned firm, she took a challenge and brought up her children in a very subtle and organised way. e


Layla is a true inspiration. She has adopted one child when she was just 20 years old. After 9 years, she has become a foster mum to a further five children. As a single mother, Layla takes care of their education and health alone.


Mother of the Year Award 2021

Bamya celebrates the true relationship of a mum and her children. We acknowledge and reward all the inspiring mothers who have contributed to the Australian community through her motherhood. If you want to nominate your mum for 2021 awards, then fill out the nomination form today.

Make a nomination Nominations are invited from any Australian – you can be a child, husband, friend or a colleague. She could be your own mum- birth, step, foster or adoptive or someone in your local community. We would love to nominate exceptional mums who have inspirational stories for society.

Glimpse of Previous Events

We capture the beautiful moments to let you cherish the memories created by you and your loved ones. Catch a glimpse our Mother of the Year Awards.

Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of Bamya would be a perfect way to thank all the mums who are shaping the future of this nation – our children. There are various sponsorship options available, ranging from targeted promotional opportunities to event sponsorships. It doesn’t matter you are a business owners, a corporate, a working professional, or doing anything else. We are open to having anyone interested in helping mum around Australia to become our sponsor. What’s more, once you are associated with us there are many benefits you can enjoy! So come and be a part of this credible work. Till now, we have organised various events and seminars, including ‘How to Raise Children?’, Bringing Up Daughters Workshop, Challenges of Working Mums and Happy Mums like seminars to support and build confidence among all mothers who are doing a lot for their children. They need the support from like us, and that’s why we organise events for them. With us, you can help mums around Australia in achieving their targeted goals. This is the best way to thank your own mother or the one who has sacrificed his/her life for you. So, let’s come together and celebrate the achievements of every mother in Australia.

Nominate a great Mother

Every mother is great, but we reward those who have inspired the society. She can be a foster mother or a single parent – we make sure our Australian community gets to know everything about these inspirational women. Nominations for the 2021 Australia’s Mother of the Year Awards will be closed soon. So hurry up and nominate your mum now!

How to File A Nomination

Each Year, we dig into hundreds and thousands of nominations for the Mother of the Year Awards. Some of those catch the eye because of their engaging, creative and inspirational storyline which make a significant difference.

To win the award, make sure your story is as clear as crystal. This will help judges to take the decision easily. Since we have a 400-word limit, ensure you get the most vital information about the achievements of the candidate into the nomination first. Don’t let your story get muddled due to language issues.
While the story convinces the judges, the additional documents help in certifying the authenticity of a nominee. It is a part of our procedure so make sure you attach the file of all the supporting documents for additional information. These documents are usually scans or copies of your identity card, qualifications certificates, among other things. With your documents, it is easier for us to verify you.
Keep in mind that writing a great nomination can help your nominee to get into the eyes of judges. Highlight the major achievements, challenges and the most precious moments to let her become Australia’s most inspiring mother of the year. Before submitting words anything for the nominee, make sure you proof read everything and ensure your language is simply understandable.