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She is an entrepreneur and the mum of two girls. Her second daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer when it was 15. Kate not only managed her job, to pay the bills, and alongside took extreme care of her daughter to ensure she is treated well. Due to Kate's relentless efforts, her daughter is fine now.
Scarlett is a 69-year-old strong woman who has devoted her entire life to caring for those children who are suffering from autism. As a young widow, she raised four children alone with unconditional love. She is a role model for all those women whose children are suffering from any disease.
Maree is a single parent of three children. She has perfectly managed the balance between her professional and personal life. Being a full-time assistant producer in a renowned firm, she took a challenge and brought up her children in a very subtle and organised way.
Layla is a true inspiration. She has been working for the betterment of the society since her teen years. She adopted a child, whom she met at an orphanage, when she was just 20 years old. After 9 years, she has become a foster mum to a further five children. As a single mother, Layla takes care of their education and health alone.
Lily Andrews is an exceptional mother. She and her husband have raised two beautiful children and also adopted two children from orphanage in Adelaide. The couple regularly travels to remote communities to help the underprivileged children and support the social programs for the aboriginal communities in South Australia.
Emma has dedicated her entire life not only to her own family but also to help others who are suffering from the loss of their newborn babies. She has two children daughters but sadly lost her twins. She overcomes with grief and adopted two more beautiful girls. She is an inspiration to our lives, and that’s why she was named TAS’s Mother of the Year in 2017.
Stella is a proud mother of two sons and a daughter. She was presented with Victoria’s Mother of the Year Award because of her positive outlook and selfless behaviour. She is running NGO for aboriginal children and young mothers and also encourages teenagers to become a part of this noble cause.
Sarah is a 50-year-old woman who has changed the lives of many aboriginal children while upbringing her own two children. In last 15 years, she has fostered more than 100 children of diverse backgrounds. including a child whose dying mother asked Sarah to care for him. She is a real example of a kind woman and a great mother.