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A mother with her two babies

Providing idealistic support for mums in our community!

Our organisation emphasise more on creating a better environment for mums by recognising and honouring their great job. Behind each nomination there is a mother who has an inspiring story –she could be your biological mother or a step mum or someone in your local community.

Through Mother of Year Award, we want the society to understand and experience the joy and challenges of motherhood. The nominations for 2019 are open through July 15th! Nominate your mum and make her win this award. Show how fantastic your mother is because we are here for appreciating all the great mothers in our community.

  • Inspiring lives of mums
  • Online nominations are available
  • Fair decisions
  • Appreciating foster mother as well
  • Beautifully organised events
  • Educating young mums
  • Serving and supporting mothers
  • Sharing the joy and challenges of motherhood
  • Boosting parenting skills
  • Exciting prizes for finalists

Online Nominations

Nominations for the 2019 Australia’s Mother of the Year Awards are open now. Whether you are living in Sydney or Perth, we are giving you an opportunity to participate in our award ceremony by filling out the nominations form online.

A nominee for this award should be a woman whose inspiring and positive efforts have made a significant impact on our society at the local, state and national level.

A nominee for Mother of the Year must be a mum of one or more children. She could be your own mum – birth, step or foster. She should embrace those traits highly regarded in great mothers and showcase the ability to boost family relationships.

Make sure you highlight all the successes and challenges of your mother’s life. It should be clear, engaging and try to write it in a bullet form. This will make it easy for judges to take decision quickly and easily.

Our judging panel will meet all to shortlist the final nominees for each Australian state and territory. If your mother gets selected, she will then be asked to sign an agreement to maintain the credibility of the Awards.

No, you can nominate any mum you like. Make sure she is an Australian resident. They can be your wife, friend, daughter, sister, foster mother, step-mum or a member of your local community.